Training and Membership FAQs

 New member enquiries – How do I visit the club?

What is the best time to visit and see the club?

  • Saturday morning  (all year round) arrive at 9.45-10am.
  • Sunday morning (all year round) arrive at 9.45-10am.
  • Thursday evening (May-Aug). Arrive at 6pm

Email to let us know you are coming

Will someone meet me?

  • Members arrive at this time for regular sailing, so please introduce yourself and they will grant you access.
  • Please also email so we know to expect you.

How does the gate work?

  • The gate must always remain closed (as per Thames Water instructions). Once you become a member, you will be provided with a key so that you can come and go as you please.

New member enquiries – Adult (No Experience)

Do you teach people to sail?

  • Yes!

How does it work?

  • Send a booking request to to reserve your place. Note, priority is given on a first come first served basis. Payment is taken in advance of the course to ensure we have the correct ratio of instructors to trainees.
  • Courses are Royal Yachting Association (RYA) compliant which means wherever you go, the accreditation is recognised.

What happens after the course?

  • Our onsite instructors run sail training days on a Saturday. This is designed for all sailors to sail together and share learning experience.

Are the courses free?

  • Courses are £90 which is a club sponsored rate, however you must become a member to obtain the sponsored price.

Can I attend a course if I am not a member?

  • Not at this time, no.

Next Steps?

New member enquiries – Adult (Experienced)

How does it work?

If you sailed previously you have three options

  • Take a refresher course.

See details on our courses on the Training page.

  • Sail on a ‘Better Sailing Saturday’

Supervised informal training sessions for improving sailors. Ideal to practice new skills in a safe environment.

  • Attend the club racing on a Sunday.

Whilst the racing can sound daunting, all our members are very welcoming and keen to encourage to new members

Do I need my own boat or windsurfer?

  • For the training courses, the club provides boats and windsurfers.
  • We also have boats (RS FEVA, Wayfarer, Laser, Laser Pico) and a selection of windsurf boards and rigs which you can rent on a daily basis
  • For members looking to sailing on a regular basis, the club recommends purchasing your own boat or windsurf kit. For inexperienced sailors, it’s best to discuss the type of craft with an instructor first.

Windsurfing Questions

(Though many are equally applicable to dinghy sailing)

Can I sail without being a member?

No, membership with valid insurance is required to use the facilities. See our membership page for more details.

Can I store my kit at the club?

Yes there are shipping container pods available for a small annual fee.

Is there kit available for hire?

Yes there are lots of sails for most wind conditions and many boards, mainly for beginner and intermediate standards. Most of the kit is in very good condition. There is a very small fee for equipment hire.

Can I windsurf at any time?

Yes, as long as you have a buddy or there is a safety boat out.

When are safety boats out?

Every Sunday morning (for the dinghy race). Most Saturday morning and Thursday evenings during the summer.

Why do I need a buddy?

The club operates a safety system where at least two dinghies, or two windsurfers must be on the water at the same time. This is to ensure someone else is around to help, or to call for help, if you are having difficulties.

How do I find windsurfing buddies?

You will be given a google group address when you join the club. Most calls for a buddy are answered quickly. There are lots of people at the club that sail during the day all week.

I’m a beginner, will there be help setting my kit up?

Yes, it’s a friendly community and everyone is willing to help each other.

Are there courses available?

Yes. RYA Start Windsurfing. Check out our training schedule.

Do people sail all year round?

Yes but its a more vibrant community during summer, spring and autumn.

What are the conditions like?

Flat water, but the reservoir’s height means that the winds are cleaner than the surface. It is the best sailing so close to the centre of London.