Windsurfing at KGSC


Windsurfing at KGSC – V2, 26/03/15




The steps to the windsurfing launch area have had hand rails fitted to them in accordance with the recommendations from the external risk assessor. They may be used under the following updated 10 Point Plan.




  1. The main wooden steps down from the concrete wall to the brick bank may be used subject to these conditions. Whilst using the steps extra care shall be exercised to ensure clothing or equipment does not become caught on any part of the handrails.

  2. All persons shall wear personal buoyancy in the form of a correctly fitted buoyancy aid or life jacket, appropriate to support the weight of the wearer, shall be worn at all times while within the reservoir bowl. Such aids must be correctly fastened and in good condition. The wearing of wet or dry suits or harnesses is not considered to be sufficient to constitute personal buoyancy. Parents or guardians must ensure that children for whom they are responsible, wear an appropriate buoyancy aid or life jacket at all times prior to entering the reservoir bowl.

  3. All persons shall take extra care whilst in the vicinity of the un-railed wall to prevent falls from it.  

  4. All board sailors shall sail with a minimum of two persons at all times, as per Club and TW rules on buddy sailing, accepting full personal responsibility for their own safety. Ideally, this should be increased to three people where one person remains on the bank actively watching those sailing such that assistance, including emergency services, can be called if needed.

  5. Sailors may carry their boards and rigs up or down the steps taking care when stepping onto or off the brickwork which might be slippery. Sailors may alternatively pass boards and sails between the top of the bank and the brick slope, keeping safe control of the board and rig at all times. All sailors need to be mindful of the risks of lifting rigs in windy conditions.

  6. Access between the top of the bank and brick launch slope may alternatively be via the Thames Water steps built into the reservoir wall. Jumping or climbing between the two levels is not permitted.

  7. All sailors shall use the facilities available for rigging, launching and recovery of all craft entirely at their own risk, accepting responsibility for their own safety and that of others using the club.

  8. If any sailor considers the conditions on or off the water, including the presence of algae, unsafe or beyond their capability at any time they shall not sail and shall retire themselves and their craft away from the water, launching and rigging areas, to enjoy the shore side club facilities.

  9. In the event that any sailor has a concern regarding the windsurfing launch area they should email KGSC Council, together with a constructive proposal to help resolve the concern.

  10. All sailors shall obey the instructions of a Council or Sailing Committee member at all times, as provided in the Club Rules.



    Bob Ladell





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